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Your favorite site for all your vices and becoming the webs super store of all things fun, including our own lines and other companies.

Your destination for all your product needs in: Beer Brewing, Coffee Products
, Vapors, E-cigs, Flavors, Parts/Supplies, Vitamins, Oils Supplements and other Dietary needs for your enjoyment. Also our special line of Logo and Vice Apparel.

We are currently building a virtual superstore mall using our own lines with BuzznBrewz name. We will be featuring all the best in one place. Visit us for your party and personal use of all these products.
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BuZZnBrewZ BuZZnFun Coffee Products Beer Brewing
Our Price: $9.95
This is our own line of BuZZnBrewZ coffee to meet our exacting standards of the best Arabica freshly roasted coffee to match all our products. These coffee beans will feature your best line of perfectly blended coffee beans to meet your different coffee tastes. Here we will carry blends as light as an evening line just before bed, to an insane caffeine line to get you up in the morning on the run. These lines will feature perfectly blends of different origins of coffee to match your favorite cup in the morning afternoon or on the beach. We will also feature our own line of original regioonal coffee as the traffic grows  perfectly roasted to our demanding perfection we expect for our customers. We will soon be featuring all your needs as well as kits to brew your own beer at home. Look for us to start with others items and in the future move into our own line of special barley. hops and products to brew your favorite Beer. We are currently looking for any stores as well as manufactures in this category that would like too feature there products here for shipping.
Please contact us at the links on the front page with your favorite lines as well as any products you would like to see us feature now.